Hand Made Doll - Maya

Hand Made Doll - Maya

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Hi there!
I am a Mel & Steff doll.
I am special because I have been handmade right down to my little button nose.’
I have been individually made so there is no other doll who is exactly the same as me!

I am soft and cuddly.
My hair is tightly hand braided with little highlights in front.
My beautiful removable outfit is made from high quality materials for long hours of play.
Did you see my red shimmery bag? I love storing sweets in there!

I am proud that my creation has provided a better life for the women from the urban poor in Sri Lanka.
In crafting our little family, they have been enabled & empowered to become skilled artisans who weave the meticulous details you see on me.

These rag dolls are just like little people, some cheeky, some cute and no two are alike!

Designed in Australia, Hand Made in Sri Lanka with love